Hannah's Flat Stanley visit to England

February 2006

The Magraw family of Matthews, NC (a town near Charlotte) have been friends of John & Bron ever since Kristin brought an E.I.L. group to visit Malvern in the 1980s. Hannah's class at school had a project to make a "Flat Stanley" and mail him somewhere for an adventure.

Hannah decided to send her Stanley to John & Bron in Malvern. This is a story in pictures of his adventures. He returned to America on 14th February 2006.

Atlas of USA and Europe
Hannah's Flat Stanley shows where Charlotte, NC and Malvern, England are.
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Hello Stanley!
Stanley arrived safely on Tuesday 31st January 2006.
Outside number 40
John and Bron welcome Stanley to their home in Malvern, England.
Stanley with Shaun the Sheep
It’s cold here so our “Shaun the sheep” clan gave him a warm welcome.
Welcome to Great Malvern
Stanley is going up-hill to “Downtown”.
(The Hill at the back is 1400’ high)
Priory Church
This is Malvern’s Priory Church. It dates from 1085AD and was once part of a Priory. The church is very big for a town the size of Malvern and has colorful stained glass windows.
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Edward Elgar
England’s best known composer Edward Elgar walked a lot on the Malvern Hills composing his music. “Pomp and Circumstance” and the “Enigma Variations are his most famous.
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Stanley in the Trombone Case
It’s band practice night and Stanley’s ready to go.
We're off to rehearse with the Tewkesbury Town band.
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Stanley blows the trombone
“Give us a tune on the trombone Stanley!”.
Euphonium bell/bed
Stanley gets his breath back by resting in the bell of a Euphonium.
Stanley with the tubas
I’m standing on John’s music stand. Can you see the enormous tubas? They go ”Umpah Umpah”.
76 trombones
These are John’s friends playing their trombones. I like the trombone nearly as much as John does.
Stanley the conductor
They saved the best until last - They let me conduct the whole band. cornets, horns, euphoniums, trombones, tubas and the drums!
A Thatched Cottage in Hanley Castle
This cottage has a straw roof (called a “thatched roof”) and has been lived in for more than 400 years!
Hanley Swan Village Pond
Hanley Swan village has a traditional duck pond and village green. Can you see the village store and post office?
A Sopwith Pup Biplane
John’s hobby is model airplanes. I love the sound of the engines!
The ‘planes are radio controlled and fly just like the real thing.
John also look's after the club's website. Click here to go to there now in a new window.
An evening at the quilters' club
Bron’s hobby is quilting. She took me to a quilter’s workshop where I met 10 year old Alice who has already won several prizes for her quilting. I think she likes me because she gave me a big hug!
The Malvern Water Bottling Plant
Malvern is famous for its Spring Water. Our Queen uses it all the time to make her tea! This is the bottling plant. Click here to go to find out more about Malvern's Spa water.
Hayslad Well, North Malvern
You don’t have to buy Malvern water from Schweppes. You can fill your own bottles free from this spring. Malvern water is famous for tasting of “nothing at all”.
Sheep grazing on the Guarlford Road
The grass verge next to our housing estate is called “Common Land” and local people have the right to let their sheep graze there.
Sheep on the move
Stanley was very lucky to meet these sheep, they do not often use “our” common.
John's Honda Deauville
John’s got a motorbike! It’s a “Honda Deauville”. The engine is a water-cooled 650cc V-twin.
Looking North on Jubilee Drive
Do you like my helmet? Bron made it for me.
On the main path to Worcestershie Beacon
We’re on our way to the Worcestershire Beacon. It’s 1394 feet above sea level.
Looking down on Malvern
You can see Malvern below, and Worcester is away in the distance where it's cloudy.
The Worcestershire Beacon
Looking North with our destination at the top, right.
The Toposcope at the summit
John & I are on top of the World! It’s a lovely sunny day, and quite warm up here.
Click here for more views of the Malvern Hills.
Stanley meets Rose
I’ve just met a girl called “Rose”. I think she likes me! I’d love to have an English girlfriend.
Market Hall, Ledbury
Ledbury is Malvern’s neighbor on the west side of the Hills.
This is the old Market Hall where they sold wool fleeces from the 12th Century.
Of course Ledbury has it's own web site. Click here to go there now in a new window.
Church Lane, Ledbury
Church Lane, Ledbury, is very old and is virtually unchanged since Tudor times.
The road is paved with cobblestones, and has often appeared in movies and TV custume dramas.
Welsh border sign at Chepstow
John & Bron live quite near Wales, so we went there one day looking for dragons and castles.
The Red dragon is a symbol for Wales.
Wales is a separate country from England and their language is Welsh.
Raglan Castle, Monmouthshire
This is Raglan Castle, built in the 15th century to guard the border between England and Wales.
Today visitors can clamber over the ruins.
Click here to go to an excellent website about Raglan Castle.
Gas Lamp, Malvern Wells Road
Malvern likes to retain its Victorian heritage.
It still has a number of gas lamps, unchanged from 150 years ago.
E.I.L UK Headquarters, Worcester Road, Malvern
Hannah’s mom met John & Bron in Malvern a long time ago through the E.I.L.
This is the headquarters of the UK branch and is in Malvern.
Click here to go to the E.I.L website.
Reading the original Flat Stanley book
Bron went to the library to borrow the book of Flat Stanley Lambchop’s original adventures.
Checking out Victorian letterbox before returning home to Hannah.
My adventure in England is almost over
and I’m checking out this Victorian post-box to see if it will take me home.