John says:

"I joined the Chase High School Brass Band In September 1999 when I started to learn to play the trombone. I now play first trombone with the band and thoroughly enjoy both the company and the music we play. I've also been roped in to provide basic tuition to novice players (mostly schoolchildren) and I enjoy giving something back to this new hobby of mine."

Chase High School Brass Band Group Picture September 2003
Here's a picture of the Chase Band taken on 1st September 2003.   John is at the back-right with his trombone in his hand.   Our son Martin is second left on the front row.   Daughter Katherine is third from the right on the second row (just behind the bass player's left ear).   Martin's fianceé Christine is next to John on the back row, holding her horn well up.   Katherine's support dog, Norman, has become the band "mascot" and is sitting at the front, next to Gavin (conductor - he's holding his baton up!) who is Katherine's boy-friend.   You could almost say it's a family band!

You can find out more about John's trombone playing here.

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