Celebration Reed & Brass Band

John in band uniform John was asked to stand in at a Celebration Reed and Brass Band concert at Worcester in July 2002. They are based in Evesham which is not too far from Malvern so John has joined them, sitting in the second trombone chair. The playing standard of this band is similar to the Chase High School band and the musical repertoire is complementary. Also John gets to practice reading music in bass and tenor clefs bacause quite a few of the band's trombone parts are written that way. The band are a fun group to be with and we enjoy playing together. The band also puts on numerous concerts throughout the year which is a challenge. Some of these engagements involve parades where we must play whilst marching -- a mega challenge! The band uniform is smart to wear too as the picture opposite shows.

John marching at St Georges Day Parade
Here's a picture of John marching on the front row of the band at the St George's day parade, Evesham on Sunday 25th April 2004.

The Celebration band has it own informative web-site at www.celebrationreedandbrassband.org.uk

You can find out more about John's trombone playing here.

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