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John bought this gold/beige Honda Deauville in December 2000 to replace the Harley Davidson Sportster which had been giving trouble that year. The Deauville was displayed in a prominent position at our local motorbike dealer and John went past it several times before it registered with him that it might make a suitable next bike. We checked out several alternatives at the National Motorcycle Show in Birmingham but decided that the Deauville was the most suitable.

Deauville Right Rear The bike's specification is pretty bland so, although selling well, it isn't rated highly by the trendy motorcycle magazines. Never mind! it's a brilliant bike with an excellent specification. It has a 650cc V-twin liquid cooled engine. Three valves and two spark plugs per cylinder. It has a five speed transmission and shaft drive. The brakes are made by Brembo. The integral panniers are completely waterproof. In fact the weather protection is pretty good all round having fitted the optional hand and foot fairings. The only other modifications/extras were the "Givi" top-box and a Givi flip windscreen which is taller than that supplied by Honda.
Honda Deauvilles are built in Spain and sell well throughout Europe.

The bike has proved to be a very capable long distance tourer. I've been on a few trips within England with the Birmingham Advanced Motorcyclists and my longest trip so far, to Valencia in Spain in March 2002, was a breeze!
There are a couple of web-sites devoted to the Deauville, and I will admit to having contributed to both. My bike is entry number 000599 in a comprehensive register of Deauvilles at There is also a fairly lively discussion group on Honda Deauvilles hosted by .

DV Group at A1 cafe in Bedfordshire. Click for larger image (85kB) In September 2001 several English Deauville owners who had been "chatting" on one of the web-sites organised a ride-out together in Bedfordshire. It was great fun to be in a group of the same model bikes and we had an interesting time comparing notes. The photo shows us outside the A1 cafe where we stopped for refreshements.
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