Grumman Goose

"Tales of the Gold Monkey" was a popular T.V. series in the early 1980's. John wanted to design and build a twin-engined scale aeroplane; what could be better than the "star" of that TV series -- a Grumman Goose. I wrote to Grumman Aircraft Corporation who kindly sent me some comprehensive three-view drawings and key sections etc.

Grumman Goose complete I spent the best part of two years designing and building the aeroplane, including a fully functional retractable undercarriage. When I have time I'll include details of the construction of this 60" wingspan model. For the moment though here are a couple of pictures of the completed aircraft, and a couple of views of the result of the maiden flight!
Grumman Goose complete
The model was powered by two OS 25-max engines driving 10" x 6" props.   Each engine had its own servo which could be isolated by microswitches on the rudder servo to assist manouevring on the water.   The entire model was sheeted or planked with balsa wood and then finished in an epoxy resin. She weighed just over eight lbs and so the wing-loading was rather high. Grumman Goose crashed at Oxford
The maiden flight took place at a scale fly-in at Oxford and I received plenty of advice when she crashed. Actually it stalled about 30' above the ground on take-off. I think it was tail-heavy, too heavy and had insufficient tail surface area being built exactly to scale. Also the epoxy covered balsa was like an eggshell and so the whole thing exploded when she crashed. Grumman Goose crashed at Oxford
Ah well! put it down to experience. One day I might modify the construction somewhat and build another "Goose". I love twin-engined 'planes and this is an unusual subject.

Grumman Goose in Hereford Here are another couple of pictures I found, one taken in Hereford when we were promoting our model show, and the other on the lake at Eastnor deer park.
Grumman Goose on the lake at Eastnor

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