Our Vauxhall Meriva "Shirley"

We bought this car in October 2007 to replace our trusty Peugeot 307. Our son Martin had recently bought his second Vauxhall Zafira and was pretty enthusiastic about his purchase. I tried polishing our Peugeot 307, and even gave the inside a good vacuuming - but to no avail, we really felt a strong urge to change. The Meriva is "little brother" to the Zafira and is really a very versatile car. We like the fact that you sit pretty high up in it which suits our ageing bones quite well.

Like the Peugeot, this car has a semi-automatic transmission. Unlike the Peugeot though this one has a five speed transmission and servo-driven clutch, all computer controlled. There is no clutch pedal and the gear selector gate is similar to the "tiptronic" unit in the Peugeot. It drives beautifully and returns a much better fuel economy too.

The following pictures show the dashboard layout, the gear lever, and a cutaway diagram of the gearbox showing the servo controls of gearshift and clutch.

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