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Building and flying model aeroplanes is one of John's major hobbies. He started as a young teenager in the early 1950's, building and flying the small Keil Kraft 3s/8d rubber powered scale aircraft. Soon enough someone, probably John's Dad, bought him a "Jetex 50" unit and several KeilKraft jet engined models were then built and flown. These always had their final flight around Guy Fawkes night (5th November) when the Jetex unit was replaced by a "Whizz-bang!" firework for a dramatic last flight.

He experimented with powered free flight for only a short time. His pride and joy as a fifteen-year-old was a Mills 0.75cc diesel, obtained with several months pocket money. John built an "own-design" plane with a polyhedral wing and conventional tail unit each strapped with rubber bands on to a triangular section fuselage. It flew very well. Too well in fact -- On one fateful flight John nudged the tail unit as he launched it and it flew straight as an arrow into the sunset. It was never found. John then turned to contol-line flying and had a lot of fun, first with a KeilKraft "Skystreak 40" and several other; class A racers, and own-design aerobatic models -- all powered by a hardworking ED 2.5cc "racer" diesel.

Model aircraft then took a back seat when I went away to University, got married, started a family etc. etc., but returned to it in the mid 1970s when our son was a few years old. I bought some second hand radio gear, built a "WorkMaster" from the Aeromodeller plans service and taught myself to fly with a little help from a fellow club member of the (then) RRE model aero club.

So much for background -- I've been a member of my present club, the Hereford Model Aero Club since the early 1980s. I've concentrated on building and flying fixed wing power aircraft, including a couple of twin-engined planes. Click here to see details and pictures of some of my models.

I'm proud to announce that I passed my BMFA "B" certificate in October 2002, a mere twenty-odd years after mastering the art of flying radio-controlled models.

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