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Bronwen's Quilting Page

This page updated on 11th Jan 2003

Bron says
"This is a completely new venture for me. I have always enjoyed making things, embroidery, tapestry, dressmaking and household projects, as one does. I was lucky that my Mum was good at all such activities and was a trained artist in many fields. Mind you, in the war one had to make do and mend as we never have to do nowadays. I don't want to make any more curtains and I like a reasonable standard of bought clothing so what should I do that is creative now I have more time to devote to it?

Apple-tree quilt I have been to several Quilting displays and marvelled at the fantastic designs and effects achieved by so many. I adore colours in materials, wools and skeins so find it hard to leave a show or shop without buying stuff. So with all these stashed away, waiting to be used, I spent a day in early December 2002 at a quilting class, being introduced to the art and science of Quilting and Patchwork in Malvern by a lovely, friendly group of ladies of all ages. I came home hooked, searched out all the equipment I had collected over the years, and have practised by making up a kit ideal for our daughter who has moved to a house built in an old orchard. She has now had it as a house-warming gift.

I am now making one with a sheep motif (I am much attracted to sheep), then have a king-size quilt project for when I get one or two extras for my machine, then I shall attempt my own idea for an Autumn wall-hanging. That lot should keep me busy for a long time-so, watch this space!"

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