John's Trombone Wave Files

If you're very keen to hear John's trombone playing you can make a choice from the selection below.

Click on the appropriate file size column of the extract of your choice to download and/or play the sound clip.

Title Recorded WinZip Self Extract Wave
Our Boys Will Shine5th May 2000 114kB 144kB 241kB
Beethoven Hymn5th May 2000 158kB 188kB 299kB
Go Down Moses10th Jan 2003 260kB 289kB 411kB
Llyod Webber "Memory"11th Jan 2003 168kB 198kB 361kB
J.S.Bach "Sacred Heart"12th Jan 2003 282kB 311kB 906kB
M.Batt "Bright Eyes"12th Jan 2003 203B 232kB 626kB

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