Uploading clip

Getting the web-pages on to your ISP Server

Let's assume that you have been allocated space on your Web server by your Internet Service Provider. Your "home" web page should be named "index.htm". You should have placed all the files that you will need for your web site in one folder on your computer. I created a folder named "Our Web Site" and placed the file "index.htm" in there. I also created a sub-folder "jbwarnerfiles" to contain all the HTML files and also two further sub-folders, "pics" and "gifs" to contain my images and clip-art files. This sort of folder structure is convenient because FTP will want to upload html files in ASCII/text mode, whereas the images should be transferred in binary mode.

I use the WS_FTP LE program for my up-loads. It is available free of charge to private individuals at home. Go to www.ipswitch.com/ to select the free program.
With the FTP program installed, you have to register with your ISP server and then manouevre to the right folders in both the local and remote sites. Then click on the files you want to transfer, having chosen ASII or binary modes.

Your ISP's server computer will most probably be using the Unix operating system where file names are case sensitive. You will get unexpected results unless you check that all file names and their extensions are in lower case.