How I tackled the construction of our web site

I have chosen to write my own HTML files rather than use a web-authoring editor such as Microsoft Publisher. I have found that I have better control of layout, content, and functionality. I have chosen a basic "frames" layout with a permanently visible menu window on the left an sub-windows called up on the right.

If you write your own HTML files you will end up with a lot of files. There's a really excellent text editor available free over the Internet. It is Notetab Light 4.91, from You can open multiple files in NoteTab and use the search tool globally over several files. I created a template file with an opening comment line (<!-- ... -->) and opening and closing <HTML> & <BODY> tags. This file then became the basis for all other files which were all saved in the same folder. Notetab also provide a convenient colour reference chart and a shortcut to automatically creating pairs of HTML tags.

I find it convenient to have an instance of the web-site running on a browser (Try both Internet Explorer and Netscape because they interpret the HTML commands slightly differently) so that I can immediately see the effects of new text in the HTML files as soon as they're saved. By doing this you can quickly verify that relative frame sizes are correct, whether the chosen colours are "right", whether the images appear correctly, whether the hyperlinks work, and that the whole web-site works (more or less) as you want it to on either Internet Explorer or Netscape.